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Thoughts are powerful tools that connect the minds, at Insight Chart, we believe that through sharing thoughts, we can cultivate our understanding, enrich our knowledge and build strength of our minds; our minds dictate our reaction and ultimately influence and control our decision making; learn to reign over our minds and subdue our emotions. The mirror allows us to see flaws in our dresses, in like manner, the market gives us the opportunity to discern our strength, limitation and weakness; through it, we see greed, fear, hope, frustration, self-deceiving and blissful ignorance from each and every decision we made either through meticulous analysis or serendipitous choice and it can show the results of our decision in a speedy way.

There is no absolute randomness, nor constant trends. The law of change dictates that certain pattern only exists under certain combination of market dynamics, deciphering of any pattern requires dedication, efforts, understanding and hard work. The law of least effort will benefit you only when you possess true understanding, it will work against you when you do not have knowledge.

If you have talent, try to perfect yourself; if you don’t, try to learn and train yourself.  Once you commit to the market, exert your best effort in understanding everything about it; this is the relationship that demands hard work, knowledge and sometimes teamwork because it can make you or break you. Treat the market like your best friend and your worst enemy, the market to you is the tiger “Richard Parker” to “Pi” in the boat, it will make you challenge yourself every moment, otherwise it can destroy and devour you in a second. Cultivate your knowledge and understanding, learn from it and learn to work with its imperfection, unfairness, capricious and ugliness, capitalize the lessons it gives you. It might not be a field for everyone, once you understand its characteristics, it requires the equal strength and courage to enter into it or leave from it.

As the old saying goes: if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. Let’s share our thoughts, refine our skills, knowledge and understanding through every aspect of the journey.

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